DUEL v0.9.7

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DUEL is a set of components for building web applications utilizing a JVM-based environment. These components can be used à la carte or as a complete framework.

The DUEL compiler and runtime allows UI views to be defined naturally in HTML/CSS/JS. These views then get simultaneously compiled to both JavaScript client-templates and Java server-side classes. The same templates may be used to build rich Ajax UI, server-side pages, or even generation of standalone content like email.

DUEL Merge provides compile-time optimizations for deploying compact and long-cacheable client resources.

DUEL MVC builds upon JAX-RS to create a full-featured front-end MVC environment.

DUEL Staticapps is a generator for building dynamic web apps with DUEL templates, which may be deployed to server-less environments like Amazon S3. (for example)

Source Code

Source code
DUEL: templates compiler, runtime, & static-app generator.
DUEL Merge: build-time resource management & compaction
DUEL MVC = DUEL + Jersey + Guice
DUEL CSS: standalone CSS3 (& partial LESS) processor for the JVM
Client-Side Unit Tests
QUnit test results


JavaScript runtime
Java binaries on Maven
Maven Central